These books are done!

Orange, Underneath

160 pages
2008 Timothy Schnepp
Children's novella; grades 4-6

Douglas loves basketball. At least the playground version. And he's awful at it. Join him as he recalls it all. First and foremost, the tournaments. Doug's a prolific "bracket-teer." Then there's the everyday struggles of being in fifth grade. Emotions can run high, even if the stakes are not. And the tragedies. How will Doug react and respond when the world he knows gets spun sideways?



First book of a trilogy
244 pages
1995-2004 & 2008 Timothy Schnepp
Ancient works of humor & satire written for no specific audience.

My name is Onny. You have your hands on the story of my life. I wrote it. It needed to be documented. The entries span from my youth in Nairobi to my golden years in North America. People love me or hate me. There's no in between. Read about me and Bobo, my 3-ton butterfly pal and the insane things that have happened to us. Trust me. You've never read anything so erratic.




Future works:

Snowflake Emitter!
Young adult novel; grades 8-12

Second book of a trilogy
Sequel to Zunswali - Modern works of humor & satire written for no specific audience.



Facetiously:  Sorry grade 7!  I have nothing for you to read.  Maybe you could read Zunswali.  (Don't do it!)